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Конкурс есе для студентів «Дивимось у майбутнє: спільні цінності спільні мрії»

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European projects day highlighted in Eurodigest November issue

2018-12-01 05:59:00
The November issue of Eurodigest of Ukrainian Association of the Professors and Researchers of European Integration contains an article by EUROPROC academic coordinator, associate professor Victoria Meniaylo «European Projects Day in Zaporizhzhia National University». The contents of the issue is available here

Trainers get positive feedback from the faculties

2018-11-29 06:01:00
On November 29, another scheduled project competencies development training was held for ZNU academic staff. The trainer, EUROPROC academic coordinator Victoria Meniaylo, worked with the teams from the faculties of Biology, Sociology and Administrative Work, Physical Training and Mathematics. Details available here

Project writing trainings for university contest participants continue at ZNU

2018-11-27 06:00:00
On November 27, yet another project writing training for the representativws of the College of Law and Economics, as well as for academic staff of the faculties of Journalism, Foreign Philology, Philology, Sociology and Administrative Work willing to take part in the Rector’s Contest of University Image Improvement Projects took place in ZNU. The training was held by EUROPROC academic coordinator, Victoria Meniaylo. Details available here

ZNU European projects day highlighted by regional mass media

2018-11-25 05:57:00
Within the frames of EUROPROC project, a large-scale event, ZNU European Project Day, was held at ZNU in October 2018. This important event was reported by a number of regional info resources and mass media, specifically:
- By communal TV broadcasting channel UA:Zaporizhzhya in a TV courier show, a TV spot entitled “European Projects Hall opened at Zaporizhzhya National University” contained an interview with the Rector, Mykola Frolov, and EUROPROC academic coordinator Victoria Maniaylo. Full spot available here (starting from 00:11):
- By the Department of Education and Science of Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration, on the Department’s website, under the title “European Studies Hall and Grant Programs Presentation: ZNU held European Projects Day” (full text available here;
- By Tv channel Z, in a program «Z News», a TV spot under the title “European Projects” contained an interview with EUROPROC academic coordinator Victoria Meniaylo. The full version is available here (starting from 00:13)

The representatives of the Faculties of History, Foreign Philology, Social Pedagogy and Psychology studied the algorithms of successful project writing

2018-11-25 05:54:00
Zaporizhzhia National University hosts yet another stage of project writing trainings aimed to prepare the project groups for the Rector’s Contest of University Image Improvement Projects. The trainings are held by EUROPROC academic coordinator, associate professor Victoria Menyailo. This time, the representatives of the faculties of History, Social Pedagogy and Phychology, Foreign Philology and Journalism, both teachers and students from the Scientific Fellowship of PhD and Doctoral Students and Young Researchers, actively participated in all the tasks set by the trainer.

Further details available here

University image improvement project writing trainings take place in ZNU

2018-11-20 05:52:00
On November 20, 2018, a project writing training for academic staff of the College of Law and Economics, as well as for the faculties of Journalism, Foreign Philology, Philology took place in ZNU. The training was designed for those willing to participate in a Rector’s Contest of University Image Improvement Project to be held in December. The training was conducted by EUROPROC academic coordinator, associate professor Victoria Meniaylo. Details available


ZNU launches trainings for participants of university image improvement competition

2018-11-15 05:50:00
Within the frames of EUROPROC project, Zaporizhzhia National University initiated a series of project writing trainings designed specifically for the project groups taking part in intra-university microgrant contest in faculty image improvement. The idea of competition was generated by EUROPROC team and was approved by the Rector, Mykola Frolov. The trainings will be conducted by Victoria Menyailo, EUROPROC academic coordinator, and team member Olena Tupakhina.

Further details available here

Let’s study project activity creatively!

2018-11-14 22:14:00
The Postgraduate students of the 1st year of study continue mastering the course “Basics of European Project Activities” taught at ZNU within the frames of international project EUROPROC. Together with their teacher, associate professor Natalia Voronova, they’ve got an opportunity to learn from their own experience that study process can be both useful and pleasant! E.g., while studying the topic “Project monitoring and performance evaluation” they have been introduced to such important aspects of the project activity as constant monitoring of the project’s implementation and teamwork quality assessment.

EUROPROC Academic Coordinator Victoria Menyailo at UA: Radio Zaporizhzhia Broadcast

2018-11-03 22:22:00
On November 03, 2018, academic coordinator of the international project “European Project Culture” Victoria Menyailo took part in “Palitra” broadcast on UA: Radion Zaporizhzhia. She talked about the main directions of ZNU project activities and international cooperation with our European partners.
You can download the broadcast record from here:

European studies hall established under Jean Monnet Europroc project

2018-10-29 18:45:00
On October 22, 2018, ZNU European Studies Hall welcomed its first guests. This event was rather symbolical for the university, for the European Studies Hall was opened within the frames of European project “European Project Culture” together with our European partners from European University Viadrina (Germany).

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