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Economical Sciences

The main purpose of the collection of scientific works «Bulletin of Zaporizhzhіa National University. Economic Sciences» is the creation of favorable conditions for the development of economic science in the context of modern micro- and macrotransformations by covering the results of original scientific studies of domestic and foreign authors. The main issues addressed in the collection are related to economics and enterprise management, economic and mathematical modeling, information technologies in economics, theoretical and applied aspects of economic processes in Ukraine and the world, finance and money circulation, labor economics, personnel management, marketing and financial and economic security.

Collection tasks:

  • coverage of the results of research in the field of economics, characterized by a high level of relevance, reliability and scientific novelty;
  • ensuring compliance with the established requirements for the scientific periodicals of Ukraine;
  • involvement of foreign experts in cooperation and peer review of articles;
  • increasing the attractiveness of the collection for readers through careful selection of manuscripts and the publication of high-quality scientific research.

Editorial board

Collection of scientific works «Bulletin of Zaporizhzhia National University. Economic Sciences»

Editorial board

Editor-in-Chief – Alla Cherep, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Zaporizhzhia

Editorial board members (Ukraine)

  • Dmytro Babmindra - Doctor of Economics, Professor
  • Valentina Voronkova - Doctor of Philosophy, Professor
  • Olga Gonchar - Doctor of Economics, Professor
  • Mykola Ivanov - Doctor of Economics, Professor
  • Natalia Maksyshko - Doctor of Economics, Professor
  • Tetiana Mostenska - Doctor of Economics, Professor
  • Iryna Perevozova - Doctor of Economics, Professor
  • Nadia Shmygol - Doctor of Economics, Professor

Foreign members of editorial board

  • Regina Andriukaitiene – PhD of Social Sciences (Management), associate professor (Lithuania)
  • Jolita Greblikaite – PhD of Management and Administration, associate professor (Lithuania)
  • David Jalaghonia – Doctor of Economics, Professor (Georgia)
  • Irma Dikhaminjia – Doctor of Economics, associate professor (Georgia)
  • Burhan Imanberdiev – Doctor of Economics, Professor (Kazakhstan)
  • Аlla Levitskaia – Doctor of Economics, Professor (Moldova)
  • Gulmira Nurlihina – Doctor of Economics, Professor (Kazakhstan)
  • Heorhi Popov – Doctor of Engineering, Professor (Bulgaria)
  • Yan Pyka – Doctor of Economics, Professor (Poland)
  • Zaneta Simanaviciene – Doctor of Economics, Professor (Lithuania)
  • Tadeusz Trocikowski – Doctor of Economics, Professor (Poland)
  • Mitko Hitov – Doctor of Economics, Professor (Bulgaria)
  • Virginija Jureniene - Doctor of Humanitis, Professor (Lithuania)


Editor-in-Chief – Cherep A.V. (Phone: (061) 2287613; e-mail cherep.av.znu@gmail.com);

E-mail for correspondence with authors: znu.visnyk.econom@gmail.com).

Address for correspondence:

69000, Zaporizhzhia, Zhukovsky str., 66, GSP-41, Zaporizhzhia National University, Faculty of Economics, Department of International Economics, Natural Resources and Economics of International Tourism, Babmindra D.I.

Requirements for articles