of Zaporizhzhіa National University

About the Project

Bulletin of Zaporizhzhіa National University - a scientific professional journal, which publishes the results of the latest research that have important theoretical, experimental and practical results from different fields, including mathematics, physics, biology, economics, law, philology, pedagogy, psychology, physical education and sport. Herald News has a certificate of registration of the print media PR number 15436-4008 from 22.06.2009

The collection comes from 1998. During this time the pages were published scientific works known representatives of domestic and foreign Science. The work involved a series of editorial boards of prominent Ukrainian and foreign scientists.

Collection of scientific works "Bulletin of Zaporizhzhіa National University" included in the list of academic editions Ukraine, which can publish the results of dissertations for the degree of Doctor of Science and Candidate of seven fields.

The journal is open to cooperation with Ukrainian and foreign scientists.


Address editorial services Zaporizhzhіa National University:

69000 Zaporozhye, Str. Zhukovsky 66, GSP-41, Zaporizhzhіa National University, Editorial Service.

Phone: (061) 2891226.

E-mail: red.sluzhba@znu.edu.ua

Journal is indexed with IIJIF Database