On December 20 and 21, within the frames of Jean Monnet EUROPROC module, associate professor Volodymyr Sarabeev presented an outline of EU research project initiatives to the first-year PhD students. He also conducted a practical training in writing recommendation letter. The audience considered the letter’s structure consisting of 4 passages. The first letter describes the background and terms of professional relationship between the applicant and a person who issues a recommendation. In case they are colleagues from the same institution, the applicant’s period of service, circle of responsibilities, project experience, effectiveness and results should be described. The second passage is a detailed description of applicant’s professional competencies and skills: his/her abilities to accomplish certain tasks, teambuilding and teamworking skills, positive and negative features. The third passage pays attention to the applicant’s personal features and behavior traits: the impression the person casts when communicating and interacting with the other group members, his/her being responsible, loyal, friendly etc. The final passage contains any concerns the author might have regarding the applicant’s being appointed to a position he/she is applying for, as well as the author’s credentials and contacts. In order to practice recommendation writing skills, the PhD students were asked to write a recommendation for one of their colleagues previously interviewed to find out all the necessary details. This fascinating process is captured on the picture. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SQYXkvIh4PdKHmqfRiQ_sIT8agF2RUmq

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