Jean Monnet Europroc course attendants generate innovative ideas for University development

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The second module of Jean Monnet EUROPROC course entitled “European Project Activities” taught by associate professor Victoria Meniailo has been successfully completed by the Masters of the Faculty of Biology. The students mastered basic skills of project work: how to identify the core problem, how to generate and to sort out ideas, what are the principles of SMART planning, what is logical framework matrix and how to develop project strategy. The format of interactive trainings proved to be very effective in terms of discussing ideas and sharing opinions.

The brightest ideas expressed by the Masters of the Faculty of Biology considered the development of their alma mater. As a part of a final test for the module, the students brought forth the following proposals: “E-Schedule” (Liubov Radko), “Teleworld” (Olga Gavrilenko), “ZNU Dorms Renovation” (Nastia Glynianska), “Printing Office ZNU” (Kate Golovchun), “Students’ Self-Expression” (Inna Dorokhova), “E-Journal” (Maria Dotsenko), “Book as a Human Friend” (Karina Sichevska), “Students’ Recreation Space” (Oleksiy Fokin), “Student Workspace” (Alina Ivanova), “StudHouse” (Alina Koshel), “Movie Studio” (Vladyslava Morozova), “University Kids” (Nastia Nor), “Interdisciplinary Cooperation” (Maria Polzyk), “Greenhouse for University” (Julia Riabets) and many more. All the projects submitted would be available during the project contest to be held in the end of April as a final part of the course. Fhoto

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