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For over a month, the Masters of the Faculty of Biology have been mastering the basics of European project culture under the guidance of Jean Monnet EUROPROC project team. The results of entrance questionnaire conducted before the course launch served as a valuable add-on to our group work experience when shaping out a general profile of a student of the course “Basics of European project culture”.

So what’s he/she like? First of all, our students seem to be highly motivated. The vast majority of respondents (38%) treats the course as a possibility for self-development and strives to broad their outlook. An unusual focus and interactive format of the course attracted 20,6% of students. 11,8% of those who submitted their answers claim to understand the necessity of project activities for their further professional development. 8,8% of our students would like to design their own projects in the nearest future.

What outputs seem to be the most valuable for our students? More than 30% of them would like to study the nuances of science and research management in EU. Almost the same number of respondents feels the necessity to master the skills of efficient presentation of their experience and ideas. 20% of the course attendants tend to prioritize the skill of searching and applying for academic mobility grants. For 15% of students, the major goal is teamwork experience.

An inspiring feature is the fact that the vast majority of our students claims to have general idea of the project culture and academic mobility (67%). Still, almost a quarter of our respondents feel like completely ignorant in that sphere. Only 8,8% of our students personally tried to submit project or academic mobility applications. Let’s hope that the number of their successful project proposals would significantly increase with the help of our course. Good luck to those searching for creative and innovative project ideas!

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