The second day of the project activities simulation within Erasmus+ Jean Monnet EUROPROC module at ZNU had begun with the traditional SMART PT to boost our students’ creative thinking and get them ready for solving yet another set of challenging tasks, the first one of which was to construct a PhD student model from at-hand stuff: shells, plastic, nuts, conelets etc. After that, the participants together with their trainers Oleksandr and Tetyana Gura had revised the basics of project concept and its details: aims, goals, methods, activities, resources and results. The second half of the day was devoted to the development of three group projects: “PhD professional training”, “PhD competencies model”, “PhD career building”. Altogether, the projects served as elements of a complex project “Effective system of PhD professional training at the stage of integration to EU education and research area” presented by participants to ZNU top management. The experts represented by the Vice-Rector in Science and Research Gennadiy Vasylchuk and the Vice-Rector in Scientific and Pedagogical Affairs Yuriy Kaganov had praised the quality of the project and thanked the participants for their activities during two-day marathon organized by ZNU Vice-Rector in Academic Affairs Oleksandr Gura, Zaporizhzhya Regional Institute of Teachers’ Professional Development (ZRITPD) Vice-Rector in Scientific and International Issues Tetyana Hura, ZRIPTD Head of the Chair of Education Management and Pshychology Tetyana Afanasieva, ZRIPTD Inclusive Education Resource Centre methodologist and ZNU PhD student Ivan Kopytin, EUROPROC academic coordinator Victoria Meniaylo and EUROPROC team member Natalia Voronova. ZNU Vice-Rectors Gennadiy Vasilchuk, Oleksandr Gura and Yurii Kaganov highlighted that ZNU has always been a driving force of Ukrainian HE system improvements ready to support any creative initiative coming from the youth and to invest into implementation of these ideas to get closer to European standards of quality of education.


29.12.2018 07:57:00

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