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Конкурс есе для студентів «Дивимось у майбутнє: спільні цінності спільні мрії»

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EUROPROC: Summing Up the Results of Academic Year 2017-2018

2018-08-16 09:28:00
The first academic year of EUROPROC project life is almost over, so it’s high time to sum up the preliminary results of our activities and to define future steps.
The project has been developing according to the plan. Despite some regretful changes in the project team (Natalia Kostenko’s untimely desease), we did our best to secure project’s quality. Amongst the most significant results of our work one can point out the Basics of European Project Activities course curriculum development and accreditation by ZNU Academic Council. In order to make our course more user-friendly, we’ve created its online version on the Moodle platform. From now on, as the course has become an integral part of Master and PhD students of Natural and Exact Sciences study plan, it will be attended by 120 students annually. In the nearest future, the course is to be reviewed by external national and international experts, and the course book is to be published to promote the course implementation all over Ukraine.
The Masters of the Faculty of Biology pioneered in studying the course in 2017-2018. From February to May 2018, 73 students have successfully accomplished all the course tasks; according to internal quality monitoring, the vast majority of both students and teachers are totally satisfied with the experience gained. Throughout Summer, our team is working hard to improve the course materials and to adjust the course to labour market requirements.

ZNU Team Wins Erasmus+ КА2 Capaсity Building in Higher Education Grant

2018-08-15 15:11:00

The project called “Journalism Education for Democracy in Ukraine: Developing Standards, Integrity and Professionalism" (DESTIN) has been selected for financing by EACEA for years 2018 – 2021. The consortium led by Bath-Spa University (UK) unites 20 partners (4 EU and 10 UA HEIs, several professional associations, the Ministry of Education and Scienct of Ukraine and Hromadske Radio) eager to improve the Journalism standards in Ukraine by adjusting Bachelor and Master curricula to EU requirements and making our graduates more competitive on international labour market.
The project would also pay attention to technical aspects of the study process by upgrading and improving Journalism laboratories equipment – cameras, computers, software etc. Another important aim of the project is raising media literacy awareness of Ukrainian society. The project budget is 798 470 euro in total.
ZNU project team includes Kateryna Sirinyok-Dolgaryova, Victor Kostyuk, Juri Kostyuk, Julia Lyubchenko, Pavlo Myroshnychenko and Olena Tupakhina.
Congratulations and good luck to our team!

New Paper Published by EUROPROC Team Member Victoria Meniailo in the Web of Science Journal “Advanced Education”

2018-08-14 09:04:00
Victoria Meniailo’s new paper entitled «Сurrent status analysis of research and innovation training of PhD in higher educational institutions» was published in the international scientific journal “Advanced Education”. The paper examines the challenges of curricular reforms aimed at updating Postgraduate study programmes of Ukrainian higher educational institutions in terms of specific innovative content and methodologies. By applying statistical methods to the data acquired from questioning first-year and second-year PhD students, the concept of PhD students’ training (comprising formal, content-based and methodological aspects) has been reconstructed from the point of view of its key beneficiaries.

The research results show that more than half of PhD students have taken part in research projects contests for students and young researchers; one third of PhD students have established contacts with colleagues from abroad. 22,9% of PhD students have participated in academic mobility programs, and only 16,9% have actually taken part in research, educational and social projects implementation.

As a result of the quantitative analysis, the author presents the rating of the most important modules, which should be included in the curriculum of Postgraduate studies (Foreign Language for Specific Purposes, Methodology of Scientific Research, Methods of Mathematical Statistics, Academic Writing and Academic Integrity, Critical Thinking Basics, Innovation basics, Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer, Project Activity Basics).

The paper also outlines the most effective, in students’ opinion, forms and methods of innovative research training in the process of Postgraduate Studies, including preparation of scientific publications to be submitted to international journals; workshop conducting, organisation of thematic meetings with successful scientists and entrepreneurs; on-the-job training in leading research centres; participation in interdisciplinary discussion workshops; participation in youth contests of innovative ideas and projects; participation in scientific research conferences and workshops; realisation of scientific research and social projects.

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