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Current students to prospective students


Факультет особливий, новий
Серед більшості вже відомих./pp/bezruk.jpg
Він завжди бурхливий, живий –
Бо у нас є чудові актори.
Кмітливий персонал, щасливі люди,
Студенти виспались? Щоранку.
Навколо радість, посмішки усюди,
Усі ідуть на першу пару без сніданку.
Ні проблем, ні тривог, ні депресій
Не буває у наших студентів.
Лише в радість така кількість сесій,
Особливо – для абітурієнтів.
Підтримає завжди психолог,
І допоможе соціальний педагог.
Таких студентів більш нема ні в кого,
А значить, що СПП – forever alone!

Безрук Марина
2 курс
Група 1162-1

*   *   *


Every person chooses his own path in life. It’s different for everyone…and that’s why I’ve been thinking tentatively about what would be really fulfilling and pompous for me. What would be helpful in reaching my goals? I’ve considered all pros and cons and I’ve decided that HEI would be the perfect place for me. I’ve decided to become a social care teacher, because I love kids and I’m especially interested in helping them, as, I believe that a happy child will force a sincere smile on your face. Definitely. I also like to help the elderly and people with special needs, because I’m confident that all they need is a bit more time and care and they’ll be able to live their lives like anybody else. Everybody deserves true happiness. I guess I just enjoy the very process of communication and I kinda like to make new acquaintances. That’s why I’m sure that I will receive all the skills and qualifications so that I will be able to help others in the future.

Suslova Anastacia.
I Year
Group # 1163-1

*   *   *


 I’ve decided to study at the SPP Faculty, because at the time of my enrollment it was one of the most prestigious faculties in ZNU. During the open information weekend my dear mother has taken me to ZNU. I will never forget my very first impressions: the grand acting hall, strict eyes of unknown lecturers staring at me but then…a small classroom, Olga Viktorivna smiling at me gently and students chatting cheerfully about the faculty. It was the moment that I knew what I wanted to be. I just fell in love with the faculty! It’s impossible to resist all the smiling faces, interesting fellows and teachers, such optimism and even more – the altruism. By the end of my first year I knew that I’ve made the right choice. So, stay true to your feeling.


Butenko Svetlana
4 Year
Group# 1160-1

*   *   *


I came here because…

The Social Pedagogics and Psychology Faculty – is everything that I’ve ever wanted. I chose this faculty because we’ve had this career-guidance test at our school, which showed that I was more socially oriented. In other words, I’m more suited to communicate with and help other people, especially kids. It’s not the most relevant profession and not so many are vary of how hard of a work it is. Also, there were some life obstacles influencing my choice. I’ve been an orphan, who has been helped by social workers, it has sink deep into the soul because I know many people, who are just like me and they need the same kind of help that I’ve received as a child. Studying at this faculty I’ve learned a lot, but social pedagogics does not stick to helping people only, there’s an element of psychology in it and I find it to be very helpful. Now that’s the reason why I’ve decided to study at this Faculty.

Harabara Artem
4 Year
Group# 1160-1

*   *   *

/pp/suhoi.jpgOnce, I have asked myself: “What is it that I want to do? Something that I could dedicate myself to?” the answer was simple as I have had this undisclosed desire to be wanted and help those in need. Now, the years have passed and the SPP faculty has become so close and dear to me. It has helped me to discover myself as a children’s camp monitor, obtain professional skills and knowledge and I’m more than happy to have spend 4 years at this wonderful faculty.

Suhoi Konstatntin
4 Year
Group# 1160-1

*   *   *


My decision to come study at this faculty was deliberate and conscious. Ever since high school I’ve been prone to humanities and I’ve always viewed myself as a worker of a social sphere. My life goal – is to help other people. Also, it is to be noted that our faculty is quite prestigious and has a high demand among potential students. All these factors have influenced my decision.




Yakimenko Vladislav
4 Year
Group # 1160-1