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Student Psychology Club

The Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate professor of Applied Psychology –  Kalyuzhna Eugenia - is in charge of the Students’ Psychology Club.

The most outstanding phenomenon of the SPP Department of ZNU is - the Psychology Club, which was established in 2007 and has been actively envolving ever since.

Its purpose is to create the club wich be – the most affordable conditions of obtaining practical psychological skills that we believe will be found useful in one’s future career. The club’s activity is designed in such a manner that students can receive additional knowledge on specific psychological fields and learn how to apply it in-situ. As a result, all the activities are forwarded to help students develop their professional self-identity.

The Club holds monthly round tables that are designed to improve one’s scientific and personal potential. Participation is not being restricted to faculty staff and students only. Any invitees whose scientific interests coincide with the topic of discussion are welcomed to participate.

Roundtables are held in cooperation with other University departments, educational institutions and organizations.. sychology club helps students delve into the world of science, broaden one’s horizons, keep in touch with the current of psychological science.

Psychology club is more than willing to welcome new members and cooperate!