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Student Council


We are the student council of the Social Pedagogics and Psychology Department of ZNU!

We represent students from the SPP department; organize campus life in all its glory and manifestations.

We have a dream that all the years spent studying at the SPP department will fill our students life with pure bliss and joy!!!
We want them to enjoy every moment that they spend on campus and not to get stressed out by continuous lectures and loads of homework. And we will do our best to turn this dream into reality!!!

The student council interacts with the students, the faculty teachers and the representatives of other faculties as well. We want to expand and participate in all kinds of activities so our field of vision does not get bound to campus stuff only. We exert ourselves to participate in various charitable, scientific and recreational activities both on the university and city levels.

We encourage all active and creative students, anybody, who wants to spend his university years productively and have fun to join our friendly community and try his hands at science, journalism, design and demonstrate one’s organization skills – then you are more than welcomed!

On this page you can get a look at how we spend our leisure, do research, participate in competitions and do lot’s of fun stuff at the faculty.

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For any questions, propositions and concerns, please give us a call!

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Personal page of the head of SC - Nikita Rastvorov

Contact number: +38 0964447455