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Student Scientific Society.

The student scientific society consists of students and postgrad students from the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology, who actively engage in a variety of research activities. Not only do they take an active part in the scientific life of the faculty but they also get involved in social projects and actions. They enlighten their fellow first years on the activity of the university scientific community and encourage others to get involved and socialize.

The scientific society is structured according to the norms of the SSA Council.

The main activities of the SSA includes::

  • The work of scientific groups;

  • The newspaper “The psychological reality”;

  • “Psychology club”

  • Psychological and educational cinema club “INSIGHT”;

  • Roundtables, and forums;

  • Participation in various scientific conferences.

The main objective of SSA:

  • To encourage students to participate in scientific groups, and to hold roundtables and conferences

  • To enlighten students of all faculties on scientific activities of SSA;

  • To popularize psychology among students in order to further develop cooperation with other faculties and organizations;

  • To hold roundtables in order to expand the boundaries of psychological science and implement it into other sciences for the purpose of establishing joint projects;

  • To organize and hold onto traditional faculty activities;

Since the very beginning of the school year SSA has held many entertaining events.

The traditional presentation of SSA to the first year faculty students took place on October 10, 2013. The event was organized by SSA volunteers and was followed by a welcoming speech by the Head of the Student Scientific Society – Grandt Viktoria Viktorivna, who has enlightened students on specifics of scientific research. The head of SSA – Pyatnik Oksana and her deputy – Sviridenko Oksana have given a presentation on the activity of the organization. The students got acquainted with the specifics of the SSA activity, its priorities and scientific goals. As a result, many students have expressed a desire to join SSA and receive an e-mail subscription.

 On 22 October 2013 the Psychology Club was holding a meeting, discussing the “Norms and specifics of writing a term paper”. The Head of SSA - Oksana Pyatnik and the club activists, organized the meeting. In the course of the meeting the following issues were discussed:

  • The rules and norms of formatting;

  • The stages of organizing and conducting research;

  • The specifics of choosing methods of work according to the goals of a scientific work;

  • The ways of improving the self-studying coefficient of productivity;

According to the results of the meeting participants got informed on the basic issues, arising when writing a term paper. The most active students received certificates. We are grateful and appreciate the work of Kalyuzhnaya Eugenia Mikolaivna, who has helped organize and hold the meeting

On 30 October 2013 SSA has held a meeting for 1-year students, discussing the “Possibilities of credit-unit system”. The Head of SSA – Pyatnik Oksana and the Associate Professor of the Practical Psychology Department – Kalyuzhnaya E.M, organized and spoke on the questions of “credits” and “units”. The 1-year student Natalia Kozyura prepared a report on pros and cons of the credit-unit system and described the current situation in Ukraine. Overall, the results were more than satisfactory, as the students have grasped in the ever-complicated system of earning marks.

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 On 26 November 2013 the SSA members along with the “Students League Bar Association of Ukraine”, and law students held a round table, discussing the issues of corporate culture. The Head of “Students APU League” – Ivan Shumeiko organized the meeting. The head of SSA – Pyatnik Oksana was speaking on the main aspects of corporate culture in terms of psychological viewpoint. Pyatnik Oksana and Elisaveta Nekrasova have in a relevant and comprehensive manner presented on the types, objectives and psychological specifics of corporate culture. Vladislav Bilokur has also spoken on the specifics of corporate culture in the judiciary. The overall aspect of corporate culture and the situation in Ukraine have been covered. Unfortunately, the set time limit of the meeting did not allow for further development and deeper study of the topic, hence students were forced to drive conclusions based on the information presented during the session. SSA is always willing to cooperate with and is thankful to the “Students League Bar Association” for the invitation.

The SSA has achieved great results and is not going to rest on its laurels. There is an abundance of projects to be embodied in and outside the faculty:

  • Gender violence awareness month (November – December, 2013);

  • The round table on “actual problems of psychology in the judiciary” (December, 2013);

  • “HIV-AIDS: A look in the Future” (December, 2013);

  • “Psychological aspect of employment” (December, 2013);

  • “modern techniques of art therapy” (February, 2014);

  • the meeting of the Psychology Club on: “The psychological traumas of children – Parents at fault” (February, 2014);

  • IV Meeting on Media psychology (March 2014);

  • The meeting dedicated to the issues of gender equality (March 2014);

  • “Psychological mentoring of first-year students in higher education institutions” (April, 2014);

  • the university conference held by students and young scientists “New Science” (April, 2014).

The scientists of the faculty will keep on the hard work, and are always willing to welcome new creative minds, who are interested in scientific research and the faculty life. SSA appreciates cooperation with other faculties as its main objective is to serve the society overall.