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The Faculty of Social Pedagogics

 In 1991the Faculty of Management Issues and Social Pedagogics became one of the very first faculties that began to train professionals in a completely new to Ukraine specialty -“Social Pedagogics”. During the period from 1998 to 2005 the Faculty actively collaborated with the Ukrainian office of Christian Children's Fund as a part of the project "Social Education in Ukraine", and set up the basis for the development of the profession in the Zaporizhia region. The faculty was renamed to in 2011. "Faculty of Social Pedagogics".

The aims and goals of the Faculty:: to train specialists on three educational levels ("Bachelor’s", "Specialist", "Master’s") in "Social pedagogics". The department carries out scientific and methodological support for "Social pedagogics" department, the scientific support for social workers in various educational institutions, social services centers for children and young adults, families, regional centers, children's health and educational institutions, child centers, community organizations and in cultural activities.

The Faculty offers basic and vocational-oriented courses in "Social pedagogics", namely: the "Introduction to Specialty", the "Fundamentals of Socialization," "Social pedagogics", "Theory and History of Social Education", "Technology of Social Tutor’s Work" "Fundamentals of Career Guidance", "Fundamentals of Social and Legal Protection ", "Socio-Educational Prevention of Offenses", "Ethics of Social and Educational Activities", "Theory and History of Social Work", "Technologies of Social Work in Foreign Countries", "Technology of Social and Educational Activities "and others.

The faculty prepares students in three   specializations:

"Social and Legal Protection of Population";

"Management of Social and Educational work";


The faculty offers postgraduate education (since 1991.) and doctoral (since 1998.). Over the years, 22 graduates received postgrad diplomas, 16 passed the Ph.D. defense and 5 of them further became faculty teachers. 4 have done their doctoral, 1 person has passed the Ph.D. defense and 3 are currently preparing for defense.

The faculty lecturers have prepared over 10 textbooks, 30 self-study guidelines for students of different years, more than 50 articles have been published in scientific journals of Ukraine, CIS and abroad.

            The faculty has all the conditions for the organization of pre-training, probation and career enhancement of specialists of other higher education institutions.


The Faculty Staff

The department includes 9 employees: 1 Ph.D., 5 associate professors, 6 candidates, and 2 teachers. The postgraduate training is carried out, mainly, by obtaining a second or related profession, by completing postgrad and doctoral program.

Zaveryko Natalia V.

Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of Department

 Worked as a director of Zaporizhia resource center that created the Charitable Fund "Child Well-Being" under the auspices of the Swiss government; The coach of the national program "Promotion of educational work among youth in Ukraine for a healthy lifestyle by using the " peer " method"; participated in projects and programs of the "Child Well-Being Foundation “ and the Association of teachers-trainers Program" equal - equal "..

Research Interests: explores the question of socialization in adolescents, social and educational technologies of work with children, adolescents and young people in the modern world.

Subject of the dissertation:   ""Socialization of highschoolers in the amateur associations."

Subjects being lectured: "Social Pedagogics", "Modern problems of social pedagogics", "Organization of volunteer service", "Theory and methods of work with youth and child organizations," "the work of a social educator in the community."

The author of over 100 publications and 6 books stamped by MES


Prihodyko Mikola I.

the Doctor of Education, Professor

Research Interests:: Theory and History of Pedagogics, the issues of social and preventive pedagogics, pedagogical anthropology and andragogy, students and their self-government body.

Subject of the dissertation:"Pedagogical framework of student body in secondary school."

Subjects being lectured: "Acmeology", "Methods of teaching social and educational disciplines", "Methodological principles of social and educational research", "andragogy."

The author of over 600 publications, 3 textbooks stamped MES

 Olga Ponomarenko

Ph.D., Associate Professor, Dean of the Faculty

Research Interests: : professional culture of social pedagogics, professional consciousness of a practical psychologist.

Subject of the dissertation:  "The formation of professional culture in social pedagogics".

Subjects being lectured: "Fundamentals of social and legal protection ", "International remedies of human rights protection", "Introduction to the profession."

Author of over 50 publications and textbooks stamped MES


Matskevich Juliana R.

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research Interests: Social work in the social protection system, work with the elderly.

The theme of dissertation:  the "Preparation of social workers for work with the elderly."

Subjects being lectured: "Theory and History of Social Work", "Methods of groupware", "Introduction to Specialty", "Social work with the elderly."

Author of over 30 publications


Toorska Oksana

Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research Interests: :  the Supervision of children and youth.

Subject of the dissertation:"the Parenting of emotional culture in teenagers by the means of linguistic and literary cycle."

Subjects being lectured: "Theory and history of social education", "Organization of public and social services for the population", "Social- Youth Politics", "Social work in the field of entertainment."

 Author of over 40 publications

Elena Leshchenko G.

Ph.D., Senior Lecturer

Research Interests:: Social and pedagogical work with a young family, youth and training young couples for parenthood.

Subject of the dissertation:"Social and pedagogical conditions of responsible parenthood in relation to the young couples."

Subjects being lectured: "Fundamentals of socialization", "Social work with people with disabilities", "Fundamentals of parental competence."

Author of over 19 publications

Solovyova Tatiana G.

Ph.D., professor

Research Interests::  social-pedagogical rehabilitation of young people with special needs.

Subject of the dissertation: "Socio - pedagogical framework for working with parents of children with special needs."

Subjects being lectured: the "Methods of working with risk groups", "social models of psychocorrectional work", "Theory and history of social education", "Social work with people with disabilities."

Author of over 15 publications 

Gladysh Maria

Ph.D., professor

Research Interests: : work with young people with disabilities.

Subject of the dissertation: "Socio-pedagogical adaptation of students with disabilities in terms of higher education institutions."

Subjects being lectured: "social engineering", "Social and Pedagogical linguistic workshop", "Anatomy of higher nervous activity."

Author of over 14 publications

Shulkevych Elena


Research Interests: the technology of art therapy.

Subjects being lectured: "Technologies of social work in foreign countries", "Social Work in Ukraine", "Social and educational work in pre-school."

Address: c. Zaporizhia, st. Gogol, 118 (8 Building), office # 219..
Tel .: +38 (0612) 62-71-61