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The Faculty Structure

The Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology comprises four Departments:

  •   Department of Experimental psychology;
  •   Department of Social Pedagogics;
  •   Department of Acting;
  •   Department of Education and Psychology of Educational Activities.

Within the measures if the Faculty also operates

  • The Research Laboratory of social pedagogics and psychology of Zaporizhia National University.

The Lab is designed to conduct social and educational rehabilitation of children with special needs, provide support for parents of children with special needs, and create conditions for learning technologies of social and educational rehabilitation and psycho-pedagogical correction.

Address: c. Zaporizhzhya, .Hoholya street# 118 (8 Building), office# 101.

Phone .: +38 (0612) 62-71-61

Е-mаіl: lесh.lаb@rаmblеr.ru

Students and teachers have the opportunity to use the following services:

  •   Information and Resource Center for Social Workers.

The purpose of the center is to provide informational support for professionals of the social sphere. Center contains literature on: psychology, social work, social pedagogy and so on.

Address: c. Zaporizhzhya, st. Gogol, 118 (8 Building), office#102.

Phone.: +38 (0612) 62-71-61

  •   Computer room, equipped with modern computers connected to the Internet.

Address: c. Zaporizhzhya, st. Gogol, 118 (8 Building), office# 217.