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History of Depertment

The faculty of social pedagogics and psychology has initially originated as an educational project in the field of “Social Pedagogics” and “Experimental Psychology”, implemented in Zaporizhia National University in 1989-1991.

The stages of implementation:

- Firstly, the fundamentals of experimental teaching have been established. Concomitantly to the process the draft on perspective reorganization of the department was admitted. According to the draft the following disciplines were introduced: “Social Pedagogics” and “Experimental Psychology”;

- Secondly, after resolving a number of personnel matters the departments of management and social pedagogics and experimental psychology have been established. Meanwhile, faculty members have initiated and integrated new disciplines: “Reflexive Social Psychology”, “Conflictology”, “Play Reflexics of Socio-Psychological Training”, “Reflexive Competence of Social Workers and Psychologists”, “Psychology of Management” and others. At the same time a draft on the creation of a faculty of a preparatory profile has been appointed. The draft contemplated the teaching of experimental psychology and social work. The idea was realized when additional disciplines were implemented in the organization in Zaporizhia National University (1990-1995);

- Thirdly, the draft, which established the creation of a faculty of a psychological and educational profile, also included a list of complementary fundamental and special courses of socio-psychological and philosophical aspects. At this stage an experimental study plan was deployed amenably to the innovative curriculum, implemented through a system of developed training programs, editorial calendars and study guides.

As a result of colliding adjacent and complementary specialties the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology was established. “Social Pedagogics” and “Experimental Psychology” specialties were licensed and received the 4th level of accreditation in 1995.

          According to the order # 222 “On creation of a faculty of additional and related occupations ” the currently operational Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology was organized in Zaporizhia National University on December 6, 1991.

Professor and the Dean of the Faculty, Ludmila Mischyk became the founder of the Faculty.

Ph.D., Associate Professor Olga Ponomarenko has became the Faculty Dean since 2005. .

The Doctor of Psychology, Professor – N.F Shevchenko has been in charge of the Department of Education and Psychology of Education since 2007. The Department staff includes: 2 professors – N.F Shevchenko, G.V Lokaryeva; Ph.D., associate professor - V.V Ovsyannikova, T.P Golovanov, L.S Ivanova, I.V Kozych, N.O Mosol, E.A Klopota, O.V Fil and a lecturer – M.O Kandiba.

The Department provides educational guidance of all faculties and specialization in ZNU.in addition, the Department of Education and Psychology of Education has established itself as an uncontestable leader in reviewing the candidate and doctoral theses in Ukraine. The Faculty has begun enrolling auditors for the Master’s degree in “Pedagogics of High School” since 2005.

The Department of Experimental Psychology was established in 1995. The Candidate of Psychological Sciences, an Associate Professor – N.O Guba, has been in charge of the department since 2005. The Faculty Staff: the Doctor of Psychology, Professor – N.F Shevchenko; the Candidatesof Psychological Sciences, Associate Professors – N.O Guba, L.V Spitsyna, T.V Scrypachenko, O.M Hredinarova, M.G Tkalych, A.G Samoilova, A.P Poplavska, Y.A Paskevska, E.M Kalyuzhna; Candidates of Psychological Sciences, senior lecturers – O.H Malinam O.A Lukasevych, V.V Hrandt, A.V Ischuk.

The postgraduate education in specialty “Social psychology” was opened in 1997.

On account of the availability of qualified staff the following disciplines were created: Gender psychology, New Technologies in the Field of Organizational Psychology and the Psychology of Work; Methods of Linguistic Competence for Future Psychologists; Developmental Psychology. The program diagnosing a child’s intellectual development was developed on the basis of the proximal developmental zone definition.

The Department trains students in the following majors: “Social Psychology”, “Organizational Psychology”, “Economic Psychology” and “Consultative Psychology and Psychotherapy”.

The Department of Social Pedagogics was established in 1992, on the basis of the Scientific Fundamentals of School Management Department. The Doctor of Education, Professor – M.I Prihodko became the first Head of the Department. Ph.D., an Associate Professor - N.V Zaveryko was elected by tender as the Department Head in 2005. Postgraduate and Doctoral Studied options are available. The Department carries out Scientific and methodological support in “Social Pedagogics”, scientific support for social workers in the educational sphere, child and youth social support centers, regional centers, children’s health and educational complexes, child and youth centers, community organizations and in the sphere of cultural leisure.

The Department of Social Pedagogics consists of: the Doctor of Education, Professor – M.I Prihodko, Ph.D., Associate Professors – N.V Zaveryko, A.V Ponomarenko, Y.R Mackiewicz, O.V Turska, T.G Solovyova; the Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, senior lecturer – O.G Leshenko; Assistants – O.A Shulkevich and M.O Gladish.

According to the order of the Ministry of education and Science of Ukraine the department of artistic activity was established in September 2000, later renamed to the Department of Acting. Thus began its existence the “Theatrical Arts” specialty. The People’s Artist of Ukraine – O.P Korol became the Department Head. HAC of Ukraine has given a license to train students in the following specialties: “Art” and “Actor of Drama Theater and Cinema” in May 2001. Since then the Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology” began to train students in the “Actor of a Puppet Theater”, “Variety Actor”, “Radio and television Broadcaster”. The Doctor of Education, Professor – G.V Lokaryeva became the Department Head in 2007.

Prominent actors and directors of the city are supervising students: the People’s Artist of Ukraine – A.P Korol; the Honored Artists of Ukraine, Senior Lecturers – N.V Stadnichenko, V.M Goncharow, L.I Fryhan, N.P Sokolovskaya; the Honored Artists of Ukraine, Ph.D., and an Associate Professor – L.A Grin; the Honored Artist of Ukraine and a senior lecturer – G. Fortus; Ph.D., an Associate Professor – L.M Bilozub; teachers: D. Petryk, M.M Kvietkov, O.A Ermakova, L.G Berkova-Zhytomyrska; Accompanists: T.F Chernenko, O.V Kulinich, Y.A Kryukov.

The Faculty is one of the founders of the Ukrainian Association of Social Workers and Social Work Specialists, which was accepted into the International Federation of Social Workers (MFSP) in 1994. The organization is an active participant of various projects implemented in Ukraine, inter alia “Social Education in Ukraine”. The Department has become a partner of the “International Federation of Social Workers”, the “Ukrainian Association of Social Workers and the Christian Children’s Fund” projects, under which the informational and advisory resource center for social workers was created.

The Psychology Club has been functioning at the Faculty of Social pedagogics and Psychology since 2007. The club unites both teachers and students, indulges both parties in interesting discussions on the fundamentals of experimental psychology and the formation of professional skills, and the educational club “Insight”, where students and teachers natter and review documentaries and profession-specific movies.

The Faculty of Social Pedagogics and Psychology of Zaporizhia National University has prepared and issued more than 2.5 thousand specialists in the field of social pedagogics and psychology, it has made a significant contribution to the theoretical development of the sciences of the new generation – Social Pedagogics, Social Work, Psychology and Acting.