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Welcome to The faculty

of Social Pedagogics and Psychology of ZNU !!!


Dean of faculty – a Merited Worker of Education in Ukraine, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor

Ponomarenko Olga Viktorivna

Address: Zaporizhia Zaporizhia

118 Gogolya Street, office # 211.

Phone number. +38 (0612) 62-71-61



At our faculty you can get a degree in:

  •   Psychology (Bachelor’s, Specialist, Master’s);
  •   Social Pedagogics (Bachelor’s, Specialist, Master’s);
  •   Performing Arts (Bachelor’s, Specialist);
  •   Edagogy of Higher Education (Master’s).

Psychology Program: Program

With Specialization in:

“Social Psychology”;

“Economic Psychology”;

“Organizational Psychology”;

“Psychotherapy and Counseling”

    Our graduates receive the qualification of a “Psychologist”. The experts who work in this field are engaged in a variety of activities: they work in educational institutions of all levels and credentials, on different enterprises and organizations, practical psychology centers, social service industries, counseling centers, and research laboratories.


  •   Psychologist and the Professor of Psychology in Middle and Higher Education Institutions;
  •   Research officer and the Laboratory Assistant in research institutions and counseling centers;
  •   Educational supervisor in centers of practical psychology, medical institutions, rehabilitation centers;
  •   Organizational Psychologist on enterprises and business offices;
  •   Consultant of collective action, conflict resolution;
  •   Psychologist in institutions of Penitentiary;
  •   Medical Psychologist in general hospitals and psychiatric therapeutic profile, providing expert services.

Speciality:"Social pedagogy"


"Social and Legal Protection of Population";

"Social Management";

"Leisure expertness"

            Graduates of "Social pedagogy" can work in the educational institutions of all levels, children's homes and centers of education and training, cultural centers and schools of art, social and educational services and clubs, children's and community organizations and associations, services, custody services juvenile children in special schools closed type, state centers and social work services, the focus of social protection and care, employment centers and employment, establishments of preventive education and the prison system.


  •   Teacher socio-pedagogical disciplines in higher education;
  •   Organizer of extra-curricula educational work with children;
  •   Head of center (youth, rehabilitation, correction, etc.);
  •   Head office (methods, resources, etc.);
  •   Teacher-methodologist;
  •   Inspector of childhood;
  •   Social worker (category 1,2);
  •   Inspector social and educational spheres. 

Performing "Arts Program"

Qualification: “The Movie and Cinema Artist”.


“Soloistic Singing (Academic and Vaudevillian)”;

“Choreographic Production”.

       The graduates of the “Performing Arts” program gravitate and can execute all the functions connected to the organizational and management structures, can exploit actory and educational activities, and organize leisure related activities.


  •   Actors of the Dramatic Theatre;
  •   Cinema Actors;
  •   Stand-up Actors;
  •   Speakers on radio and television;
  •   Theatrical Leisure Time Organization;
  •   Amateur Theatrical Organization;
  •   Program related Professor in Educational Institutions;

Pedagogics of "Higher Education Program

“High School Teacher”;

“Master of Pedagogical Education”


  •   Associate Professor in Higher Education Institutions of I-IV levels of accreditation;
  •   Teaching Assistant in Higher Education Institutions of I-IV levels of accreditation;
  •   Junior Research Associate in Higher Education Institutions of I-IV levels of accreditation;